Be the first to experience "MAR's FIRST Line"

Because life on Mar's begins with earth.


Mar's First family, Mar's First Rapper, Mar's First retail store, Mar's First Church, Mar's First Lawyer, Mar's First Baseball Player ETC... Whatever you desire to be or do on MAR's before anyone else! Mar's First Teacher, Mar's First hockey team, Mar's First Car dealer, Mar's First Airline, Mar's First talk show host, Mar's First high school, Mar's First Iron worker, Mar's First Chef, Mar's First Gospel Singer. Mar's First 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization (New Millennium Love Inc), Mar's First Restaurant, Mar's First News Anchor, Mar's First Jamaican, it's just unlimited FIRST'S making it just for you! 

High quality Mar's images crafted onto quality T-Shirts with our standard CITY BUILDING'S skyline/lake colorful design in the background and MAR'S FIRST up across the top and under customized with your face, or group picture, or business logo, or Wording, or building image, design expressing your MAR's FIRST Experience! When NASA discover's new things on Mars we all SHINE with our Mar's First apparel wear it PROUD!

 (ONLY) $60 each (plus shipping & handling)

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Available in small-medium-lg-2x-3x T-shirt colors Black-Brown-White-Green-Blue (Hat's coming soon)

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