Someone here in Columbia organized all the homeless based local agencies & 501(c)3 organizations as if it's just one establishment, everyone voted on a particular method/strategy to end homelessness and follow that plan for 10 years until they all vote to go another route if that fails. I am wondering being that it is this way already, do the local grantor leaders assign/approve grants to each organization involved (automatically) to fulfill this obligation.      

I assumed these organizations had to compete against each other for funding opportunity, everyone applying for the different grants showing their  different methods, history, and being effective over the next 501(c)3 to be chosen for funding for their individual organizational programs/projects to end homelessness.  Everyone apart of this movement are using the same type programs within their organization like Temp Shelters, and Transitional housing as the one an only solution, the one blue print to go by to shut down homelessness. 

I personally think as an organization that we should be independent having freedom to do our own thing here in the community to end homelessness 20 different 501(c)3's using multiple different solutions many minds with different ideas instead of 20 different 501(c)3's just using the one same method. I do respect any form of effort from anyone that is trying to help end homelessness. I am just looking at homelessness in  modern day times view, it's like these current organizations are still using 8 track, cassette tapes, VCR, Dr J, ford t model, rotary house phone instead of today's advancements making it easier, more efficient  and better for all involved. 

As a modern day 501(c)3 organization we don't want to use those old methods like temp shelters and transitional housing programs as the main solution to END HOMELESSNESS, those old methods were designed to only manage homelessness.

 Salvation Army 160 years,  Goodwill 112, Oliver Gospel 125 years and countless others all used those methods and continue to only manage homelessness by now you think it would be ended but it not long as everyone keep using that 8 track tape player method in 2018. I'm not sure if using those old methods and continuing of managing homelessness not actually trying to end homelessness is related to FUNDING only worried about keeping the flow of grants coming in as its been over those 160 years, and possibly may think it would change or decrease funding opportunity by the government if they switch from those old 8 track methods to using direct modern day methods like tiny homes, direct perm housing placement and 501(c)3 organizations creating actual jobs for the homeless with those same funds and thrift stores, car washes etc instead of depending on the local employers to keep ignoring and failing the homeless men and women.

 We are not focusing on the on-going funding part worrying about future grants but are focusing on getting people off the streets and out of temp shelters getting them jobs and perm housing and being smart/wise will keep funding for our organization in the long run. It's about showing these homeless people and the 501(c)3 organizations how to  learn how to fish for themselves to  survive to be able to feed themselves, instead of keep feeding them daily making the homeless depend on that as away of survival nothing coming out of it just take take taking. Instead of the 501(c)3 depending on government grants to run your organization Salvation Army and Goodwill taught that lesson to all 501(c)3 already opening thrift stores making it a 17 Billion dollar a year industry. We are copying that and I suggest every homeless based org does the same. We are simply expanding it from Thrift stores to Car washes, delivery services,  and other job ideas to help our clients thrive and our organization not having to depend strictly on grants to stay afloat.  

New Millennium Love Inc can not and will not join this current homeless movement following that old blueprint of trying to end homelessness. New Millennium Love Inc are using the Michael Jordan, Melinda Gates, Internet, cell phone, Mar's rover all the latest tech in movies, Jeff Bezos, music players, computers, Krs-one, Lamborghini's etc newer methods making it better for our homeless individuals, and community to live better in today's era.  New Millennium Love is ahead of the time we are on some stuff like a SCAN PO.BOX getting texts and emails or from your car speaker saying you have mail in your PO BOX across town instead of having drive across town for nothing and can see inside that box from your cell phone camera. The world isn't ready for that yet, that is New Millennium Love Inc for homelessness they are not ready for us yet. But we are coming!!!  

   Give us the chance by funding our efforts to show everyone in our community, and current homeless leaders that we can help bring down that homeless count of 778 allowing them to do it their way, and New Millennium Love Inc to do it our way temp to perm solutions a community having variety/options. We all are here to end homelessness that is what count. All the local grantors agencies are following the current homeless movement has to keep an open mind to us other public independent modern day 501(c)3's that are driving; using a different route, to reach the same destination. So don't leave us out when selecting organizations for GRANTS and participating in community fundraising events.   

We truly have plans to make things better for our homeless community by help bringing the count down to zero and keep it that way. So all local agencies we are a valid legit 501(c)3 striving to improve our community so support our efforts with the services you have to offer for this community and we all will win. 

We are seeking board members, volunteers, investors, in kind donations, funding, donations, people with a good heart wanting to get involved workers in Christ, being apart of a great modern day 501(c)3 organization movement to help turn it into a super force in this community like no other becoming apart of history in this homeless crisis!