It's going to take new services in order to END HOMELESSNESS

As it stands across America for every homeless & poverty based organization for adults without children they all are providing the two same services which are temp feeding, and temp beds for the night.  So how do you END Homelessness only providing current temp services and when the local employers are not hiring the homeless.  And when there are not enough existing housing units to house the homeless in our cities  with the different housing agencies.  There is also a problem when the different homeless leaders and some of the general public are not open to new methods and housing options like the "Tiny homes" in or near their communities.

They all have to get with the changing times this is a constant growing world population that has tripled since the 1800's so as a people we have to adapt to these changes, and make upgrades accordingly and based on the reality for better results in a current homeless crisis.

How do you expect the homeless are suppose to (advance) if there are no opportunity beside a temp bed and being only fed. You have thousands of homeless and poverty based organizations doing the same thing town to town, city to city, state to state all putting a Band-Aid over the current crisis providing the same exact services. 

We don't need  organizations repeating the same service of only feeding and temp beds (it's too many already) and to look within our communities to see homeless people literally TRAPPED in that daily system, flooding our downtown area and streets panhandling that alone should tell you that more needs to be done.  

NML is striving to do just that understanding what is truly needed to improve a current problem JOBS and Perm Housing opportunity creating those opportunities ourselves not having to depend on the local employer to keep determining our homeless fate of being trapped in that cycle. NML is re-writing the current structure of helping the homeless. 


These Agencies and Organizations that offer grants and loans need to begin INVESTING in NML efforts reaching out to us to help changing our communities for the better where we all work and live. 

These current homeless and poverty based organizations are already financially set sitting on multi-Billions (check their current assets and funding history) and are only feeding and providing a temp bed. More has to be done with those multi excessive funds to help create jobs and perm housing opportunity where everyone are able to see immediate change here in Columbia SC for the homeless community! 

  That alone will make the national NEWS attention and then "EVERYONE" in the homeless fight will catch those VAPOR'S and begin adding more services with that current temp feeding and temp bed methods. Also these grantors has to stop judging us by years being around, past finances and brand names in order to consider funding. They need to start looking at what SERVICE is being offered and what will be done to enhance and make our communities better for today's crisis by a valid 501(c)3 organization (newer or older) because a lot of those familiar organizations are not doing what is actually needed to truly make a BIG difference within our neighborhoods, yes their brand is doing quite well off the homeless CAUSE financially  but our homeless communities are still in a big crisis 160 years later.  So they need to start looking to fund those that can truly make an IMPACT within our local communities USING 95%  of all FUNDING DIRECTLY ON THE HOMELESS not on the organization brand.

 Choosing organizations like New Millennium love Inc so our services can inspire others by updating their policies to get better results DONE like us! Making  NML example reach across America and country to country which will make this world a lot better place ending homelessness!  So  invest in this REAL CHANGE,  and  be apart of this movement of COMING TOGETHER FOR GOOD to DO GOOD helping the homeless rise back up!