Meet our CEO/President

CEO Clyde Gravely II, a Hartford Connecticut native founded  New Millennium Love Inc based on PASSION and having the desire to help our adult Men & Women without children homeless community to rise up and overcome their temp hardships becoming productive citizens again. 

"What you say" JOB'S will help end homelessness!

Temp services, temp shelters, temp transitional housing solutions will never produce permanent ending results for the chronically homeless adult men & women without children but only to manage it as it was designed to do. Everyone in this fight to end homelessness on all levels of the various homeless groups in our communities has been using these temp solutions for over a century, now the Government is putting pressure on homeless based agencies and 501(c)3 organizations to END HOMELESSNESS in our cities; it's time to explore new options putting away the older 8 track player, cassette tape player, those old system methods of just managing homelessness living here in 2018.


  We are a new modern day 501(c)3 organization.  We want to show the homeless how to do for themselves to be able to survive on their own again instead of everyone just feeding them and a place to sleep for the night they end up depending on that daily getting handouts becoming trapped to that system and are not able to help themselves only by panhandling beside just showing up at certain times daily being reduced to a lower quality of life.

 This is New Millennium Love's approach to ending homelessness! New Millennium Love Inc will be the first 501(c)3 organization and first City  in America to officially end our homelessness crisis by providing permanent solutions which are JOBS making immediate REAL CHANGES in our community like no other in history.

"A NEW ERA. New Millennium Love comes better! "



Columbia Homeless issues recorded 2010, it's 2018 (NEED TRUE CHANGES)