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Columbia SC adult women & men without children homeless community has a current serious crisis.  Here in 2018 It's time for all homeless based agencies and organizations to truly step up to find a real solution to help end people like Jeff  in the (above photo) homelessness journey.         

It has been this way for many DECADES for this particular group of homeless individuals we all see in our Cities.   So this is why "New Millennium Love Inc" is here to bring modern day solutions for better outcomes ending this current homeless crisis.  

It's going to take everyone to come together to help make this world a better place. Looking at the GOOD in helping our fellow fallen homeless Men &Women get to a better place without judging them. 

We all fall short and make mistakes in life and deserve second & third chances at times. Sometimes it's not easy for some people to get back up on their own after they fall down and need help to stand back up from life hardships.

 Our Holy books and scrolls tell us to love thy neighbor, and be a good Samaritan pleasing to (your) GOD Almighty, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Jesus, Brahma, and countless other Saviour names and religions we follow, even the atheist. But regardless as a people we have to be willing to come together from different places with different backgrounds, uniting together for GOOD.  

New Millennium Love Inc is that place giving others the chance to Unify, Collaborating, Helping each other help others, being apart of this life changing movement.