Columbia SC adult women & men without children homeless community has been in crisis for over a century. It's time to truly step up within this city to keep up with the changing times when addressing and finding a real solution to help end people like Jeff  in the (above photo) homelessness journey. 

       The problem is that people like Jeff who are chronically homeless here in our beautiful City of Columbia have it hard and its mainly because of their (past) poor choices and background hindering ongoing progress and opportunity. 

These people don't have no where to go (a place to call home), or nothing to do (no one want to hire them) which make them become TRAPPED in a system that is keeping them down.  It's been this way for many DECADES for this particular group of homeless individuals.   So this is why "New Millennium Love Inc" is here for bringing modern day solutions for better outcomes.  


Permanent housing & Employment will END Homelessness!